ULO Lifestyle
May 18, 2023
Advisory, Design, Development

ULO - Singapore's 1st Lifestyle Happy Hour App

ULO, the game-changing Happy Hour app for lifestyle services in Singapore, is the brainchild of ULO Lifestyle. Guided by the vision of revolutionizing the industry, ULO Lifestyle partnered with Coconut Lab, an app development agency known for its commitment to innovation.

The Challenge:

ULO Lifestyle recognized a persistent challenge in the lifestyle service sector - underutilization of resources during off-peak hours. These hours represented untapped potential and unfulfilled aspirations.

The Triumph of Transformation:

The impact of this collaboration exceeded expectations:

  • ULO Lifestyle witnessed the embrace of over 300 dedicated lifestyle service providers, offering users a rich tapestry of services.
  • Within a mere three months, the app recorded over a thousand bookings during off-peak hours, breathing life into the vision of maximizing potential.
  • The ULO app's allure transcended borders, amassing more than 20,000 app downloads in a remarkably short span, a testament to its instant resonance with the audience.

One of ULO App's merchants, Phase Salon, commented their experience:

Since adopting ULO app, our salon has undergone a profound transformation. Off-peak hours have gradually turned into our peak moments. Our chairs are filled by up to 50% at times, and that helped increase our bottomline.

The ULO app, a collaborative masterpiece of ULO Lifestyle and the visionary developers at Coconut Lab, stands as a beacon of transformation in Singapore's lifestyle service industry. Together, we've harnessed technology and partnership to turn challenges into opportunities. We've empowered service providers to unlock their fullest potential, and in doing so, we've inspired an entire industry to dream bigger and reach higher. Through the ULO app, we've not just transformed businesses; we've transformed lives.